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Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Hunan Alumni Association məzunlar arasında əməkdaşlığı gücləndirmək və qazan-qazan etmək üçün “2023-cü ildə görkəmli Məzun Müəssisəsi - Goalong Liquor” kampaniyası keçirdi.


Recently, under the active organization of the Hunan Alumni Association of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, a remarkable campaign was held in Hunan Province. Alumni walked into the Outstanding Alumni Enterprise. The focus of this event was Goalong Içki, yerli kef brand in Hunan. As an alumnus of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Hunan Province, Goalong Liquor is widely recognized in the industry for its excellent quality and unique flavor. The purpose of the event is for alumni to have an in-depth understanding of the business philosophy, development history and achievements of the company, while providing a platform for communication and cooperation.

Before the event began, the alumni gathered eagerly at the Goalong Liquor headquarters and were greeted by an elaborate corporate visit. Alumni are exposed to the whole process of liquor making, from raw material procurement to brewing technology, and have an in-depth understanding of the exquisite technology and strict quality control of Goalong Liquor.

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Subsequently, in a warm atmosphere at the forum, the chairman of Goalong Liquor shared the process and experience of the enterprise development. He stressed the importance of innovation, quality and sustainability, he also shared with the alumni the enterprise's business strategy and solutions to challenges. Alumni actively asked questions, exchanged ideas, and discussed experiences and insights in their respective fields with each other’s. During the event, Mr. Gao Kailang (Alan), chairman of Goalong Liquor, received a certificate of donation from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, which commended for his donation to Shenzhen Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Education Development Foundation on May 03, 2023.

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“2023 walk into the Outstanding Alumni Enterprise - Goalong Liquor” campaign provides more opportunities for Goalong Liquor, and encourages Goalong team to innovate, explore the market and contribute to the economic development.